Last Update : 03-January-2020


Cooch Behar
Agricultural Technology Management Agency Cooch Behar
An Autonomous Institute under Department of Agriculture, Government of West Bengal

About Us

Agricultural Technology Management Agency Cooch Behar Registration No. - S/1L/33146 Dated.- 25.11.2005, registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961.
            Extension Reforms in India were pilot tested in 28 Districts in 7 States from 1998 to 2005. This successful experiment served as a basis to launch the Centrally Sponsored Scheme “Support to State Extension Programmes for Extension Reforms” is an ongoing scheme being implemented since 2005-06. This Scheme is now operational in 676 rural districts of the country.
District Level: - The Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) is an autonomous institution set up at district level to ensure delivery of extension services to farmers. ATMA Governing Board is the apex body of ATMA which provides overall policy direction. ATMA Management Committee (AMC) is the executive body looking after implementation of the scheme. District Farmers Advisory Committee (DFAC) is a body to provide farmers’ feedback for district level planning and implementation. With dedicated staff provided for the ATMA, it will continue to be the district level nodal agency responsible for overall management of agriculture extension system within the district, including preparation of Strategic Research and Extension Plan (SREP). ATMA is responsible for coordination and management of agricultural extension related work in Cooch Behar. ATMA Cooch Behar consisting with five core staff, under the overall supervision of Project Director of ATMA, Cooch Behar. The Project Director of ATMA, Cooch Behar shall report to the District Magistrate & Chairman of ATMA, Cooch Behar. The two Deputy Project Directors, Computer Programmer & Accountant-cum-Clerk would work under the administrative control of Project Director of ATMA, Cooch Behar.
Block Level: - The Farm Information & Advisory Centre (FIAC) consisting of Block Technology Team (BTT) comprising officers of agriculture and other allied departments within the block. Block Farmers Advisory Committee (BFAC) is a group exclusively consisting of selected farmers of the block. They will prepare the Block Action Plan (BAP) and provide necessary extension support within the Block in its execution. Block Technology Manager (BTM) is provided in each Block to co-ordinate the ATMA related activities of the BTT and BFAC. BTM will work under the overall supervision of the BTT Convener for all ATMA related activities at the Block level. On an average three Assistant Technology Managers (ATMs) are to be placed in each Block exclusively for delivery of extension services in agriculture and allied sectors as per priority areas for various Blocks.